Building a Great & Lasting Business Partnership

You can read all of the books, blogs and articles available on how to create a great business partnership. Sometimes we just need to hear from those who have actually accomplished it. In this Business Insider article, Ken Carbone and Leslie Smolan discuss how they succeeded in beating the odds and keeping their partnership alive and thriving for over 35 years. … [Read more...]

Business Partnerships — An Attorney’s Perspective

It's important to understand business partnerships from multiple perspectives. You can learn from those who have been in successful partnerships and also from those whose business partnership has failed. Additionally, professionals who serve partnerships can add an outside view of what makes a partnership successful and what creates bad partnerships. I came across this article today from Sean … [Read more...]

Creating A Business Partnership – What’s The Rush?

I haven’t blogged in a while but I ran into a situation with a client that has inspired me to get back to the keyboard. A long-term client recently developed an opportunity to form a business partnership that will help take their product into a brand new vertical. It’s very exciting and that excitement was infusing life and energy into their overall business outlook. The economy had really … [Read more...]

Forming A Business Partnerships – The Dangers of Self Delusion

“Perception is a clash of mind and eye, the eye believing what it sees, the mind seeing what it believes”. ~Robert Brault What is it about the human psyche that when our beliefs or desire to believe are so strong, we can turn a blind eye to that which may ultimately harm us? Even when facts to the contrary are staring us in the face! I see this so often when observing the behavior and … [Read more...]

Business Partnerships – Why They Fail

“By the time a partnership dissolves, it has dissolved.” ~ John Updike How do you convince people to take preventative measures when they have no pain in the moment and the pain is only a possibility sometime in the future? That is the million-dollar question! All too often I get calls from business partners that truly frustrate me. It usually goes something like this: “My … [Read more...]

Business Partnerships – The Family Business

“If minutes were kept of a family gathering, they would show that "Members not Present" and "Subjects Discussed" were one and the same.” ~Robert Brault You can’t choose your family, but you can choose whether to go into business with them. In continuing our discussion on “Business Partnerships --- Are They All Made The Same?” I’d like to turn the focus to the family business. … [Read more...]

Business Partnerships – Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

“Joint undertakings stand a better chance when they benefit both sides.” -- Euripides A couple of weeks ago I asked the question, “Are all business partnerships made the same?” In this blog, I’d like to discuss joint ventures and strategic alliances, two commonly used business partnership structures. First a reminder of how I’m defining the two: Strategic Alliance – a … [Read more...]

Business Partnerships – A Hot Topic

In reading the latest about business partnerships I discovered that Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney, just published a book on partnerships.  His book is a compilation of stories about successful partnerships, including his with Frank Wells at Disney. I am half-way through his book and I’m pleased to say that much of what my workbook, “Creating Great Business Partnerships. A Workbook … [Read more...]

Business Partnerships – Are They All Made The Same?

Have you noticed how often the words “partner” and “partnership” are used in the context of business? Over the years I’ve become very attuned to these words and have discovered that, depending on the circumstances and who is speaking, the definitions can be drastically different. The meaning however, is very similar. Employers sometimes call their employees “partners”, … [Read more...]

Business Partnerships — One Attorney’s View

“Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences.” ~Norman Cousins I am always “on the hunt” for what others have to say about business partnerships and intrigued by different perspectives. Of course, there is a lot of, “don’t do it!” advice out there and sometimes that is the right advice. Yet there are so many good reasons to partner-up in today’s business … [Read more...]